Dee Cee Upholstery & Interiors offers a great range of rise and recline chairs in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Here are some things to think about when choosing the right chair for you.

How can an award-winning Celebrity Motion Furniture Riser Recliner assist you?

A riser recliner significantly enhances your comfort and independence at home. Selecting a recliner involves more than just choosing a colour; various shapes and setups cater to different needs. Therefore, consider your lifestyle and mobility needs carefully before making this crucial purchase.

What features and benefits should you consider?

Your ideal riser recliner comes with several features tailored to your needs. Size is crucial. The choice of a backrest depends on your personal comfort preference, although different styles offer unique benefits. For instance, waterfall backrests feature separate pillows with zips, allowing you to adjust the polyester fibre upholstery filling. This feature is perfect for targeted back support and pressure relief. Additionally, some chairs include adjustable headrests and lumbar support. Chairs with wooden knuckles are easier to grip when rising, especially beneficial for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists.

Why is the size of your riser recliner important?

As with any mobility aid, ensuring your recliner fits your body shape is essential. The best approach is to visit Dee Cee Upholstery – experts in riser recliners for over 38 years – and try different chairs in our showroom.

For proper sizing, your head and shoulders should rest comfortably against the backrest, and your arms should rest flat on the armrests. Your hips and buttocks should be close to the back of the seat. Ensure the chair's width is appropriate by checking if you can fit two fingers on either side of your body while seated. Regarding seat depth, you should be able to place two fingers behind your kneecaps, with both feet flat on the floor when your heels touch the footrest.

Things to consider…

There are several choices to consider when choosing your Rise and Recline chair:

  • Motor Functions – Decide how much control you want over the backrest and footrest positions.
  • Fabric or Leather – Choose upholstery based on your lifestyle, style preferences, and budget.
  • Chair Size – Ensure the seat height, width, and depth provide adequate support. As experienced specialists, we offer free advice to help you make this crucial decision. Our chairs are tailored for ultimate comfort.
  • Chair Options – Choose a configuration to suit you from a range of recliner chairs and sofas, plus fixed chairs and sofas.
  • Room Size – Most riser recliners need to be placed away from the wall to function correctly.
  • Motor Options – A single motor operates the footrest and backrest simultaneously for a supportive seating position. A dual motor allows independent adjustments of the backrest and footrest for optimal comfort and support.
  • New & Exclusive Features – The Celebrity range includes the Cloud Zero 3 motor lift and tilt for enhanced movement, offering infinite positions and 20% more lifting capacity up to 30 stone. It features individual seat tilt for relaxation and seat height adjustment. Additionally, new Mammoth Medical Grade Foam technology aids in pressure relief, postural support, and temperature regulation, enhancing comfort, reducing aches, and speeding recovery.

To visit our showroom, please call us in advance to schedule an appointment and enjoy a personalised service.

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